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I lost it. Again. What? Well, usually it starts with something simple such as a towel that put somewhere in my dorm room on the hostel for drying and forget when checking out. This time the first item I lost was my Kenneth Cole body wash. Left it in the shower of my nice hostel in Washington DC. Now, several months later the list of lost items has grown considerably:

  • Lens cap of my camera (quite expensive for a piece of plastic)
  • Insanely cool Adidas SL72 sneakers
  • Favourite blue Urban Outfitter shirt with the Japanese flag
  • New Ray-Ban sunglasses I bought only 2 months ago in Knoxville
  • NIKE hoodie that my gym mates Mai and Aixiao gave me
  • Useful Swiss-made universal travel adapter

…and three socks (needless to say, each from a different pair)

The only item I ever lost and found again, of course, is entire value- and useless: an oversized safety pin that I used to fix the broken zipper of my jeans. I lost it one of the many times I slipped and fell during the Santiaguito volcano expedition. My fellow explorers Loreen and Rene found it during our return trip and I got it back. The jeans in turn were shredded to pieces by the many falls and I parted from then voluntarily.

Farewell beloved Adidas sneakers

Adidas SL72

Adios, my insanely cool raccon eyes

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Good bye my dear dark-blue NIKE hoodie. I will miss your sweaty smell...

NIKE hoodie

Update: In the meantime I lost more stuff: swimming trunks, ear phones

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