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Checkout from Germany

Today is special. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Right now, I’m on flight Delta 79 from Berlin to New York. My sixth time in the US but this time is different. I am not on vacation. I’m leaving Germany for good. For about 10 years now I’ve wanted to move abroad. Now, that I finished my PhD I am finally free to do whatever I want. I canceled my contracts, moved out of my apartment in Heidelberg, stored my things somewhere, said Goodbye to friends and family and now I’m on my way to do that pan-american backpacking tour I’ve been dreaming of for a couple of years. (In fact, I created this website already 1.5 years ago.) The first few weeks of this trip I will spend in Knoxville, Tennessee where I am again visiting the Oak Ridge National Lab. During my last stays there, I made quite a few friends. Therefore, Knoxville feels a bit like a second home to me, although ‘parallel universe’ may be a better desciption as Tennessee is not from this world… (If you’ve ever spent some time there you know what I am talking about.) After that, I’ll be backpacking to Canada first and then Central and South America. As of now, I have not made any detailed plans about when I’ll be in which country and for how long. No pre-booking, no constraints, just a rough idea about which countries I want to see. Currently, the plan is to travel for about a year before settling down somewhere but that too may change…

So, join me on my journey. I’m hoping for adventures, amazing places to see, new things to learn, and much more and I’ll be blogging throughout the trip to keep u up to date.

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  • Comment by Sampath Koppole — January 6, 2011 @ 3:06 pm

    Dear Thomas,
    Wish you the very best on your 1-year long-trip. It was unfortunate that we could not meet before you moved out, but I am sure we will get an opportunity to meet sometime, somewhere somehow !

    Will keep track of your blog, to see how you are doing on this long trip.

    Gute reise

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