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In Germany I hardly ever get to see any but here, they are everywhere. Cockroaches. I hate them. Unless of course I give them a name and keep them as a pet, at safe distance, trapped in a glass. But even then, they just make it so hard for you to love them…
After complains from my roommate, I released my pet cockroach Xavier into the wild (the garden). He had a rough time with me as I rarely fed him. Cockroaches make great pets, though. They don’t die easily!

That is, unless you step on them or apply insecticides. Below is a video I recorded a few days ago. The last moments in the life of a bug-sprayed cockroach, somehwere on a kitchen floor in Costa Rica.

Rest in peace little nameless cockroach.
You’ll always be remembered by the Youtube community and the faithful readers of my blog.

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