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The pacific beach in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio beach

Finally, I get to travel around Costa Rica for a bit. After having visited the Caribbean coast two weeks ago and La Fortuna last week, I went for a day trip to Manuel Antonio on the Pacific coast. And this time, I even got a sunburn. In case I did not look like a proper tourist before, now I do!
Manuel Antonio is one of the popular tourist destinations on this side. It’s very nice here but the Caribbean beaches are more beautiful.

I’ve been to Manuel Antonio 4 years ago when first visiting Costa Rica. Not much seems to have changed since then. The beautiful small National Park was closed unfortunately. I spent most of the day on the beach. At some point a bunch of white-headed capuchin(monkeys) came along. They are pretty common here and like much of the wildlife in Costa Rica used to the presence of people. One of them had a baby on the back.

View from the restaurant El Avion in Manuel Antonio

View from El Avion

In the late afternoon I went to El Avion, a restaurant I like for the good food and view (check out the review by D’Angelo & Mike). I had a tasty (and pricey) Chimichurri steak. Chimichurri is originally from Argentina (claims Wikipedia) but can be found all over Latin America.

Chimichurri steak, mojito and a great view

Chimichurri steak

It’s a bit like pesto and one of my major culinary discoveries here. It consists of garlic, oregano, oil
vinegar, a bit of chili pepper and other ingredients (for more info click here). My steak came with a good mojito. Sometimes it’s easy to enjoy life here…

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