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Have you seen these shoes? Let me know...

Adidas SL72

I’m at a very nice hostel in Flagstaff, Arizona, ready to see the Grand Canyon. Unlike the last hostel in Albuquerque this one has a nice international atmosphere. Late last night I was doing some work (SciStyle). When I went to bed I decided to leave my shoes outside the room in consideration of my roommates and for the sake of air quality… My German roommate had done the same with his black Nikes. When I got up at 6:30 am (!) they were gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. From all the things I expected to get stolen during this trip, my 9 months old smelly sneakers were the last thing I had in mind. Looks like Adidas sneakers are more popular than Nike. 🙂
I loved those pair of blue Adidas Originals with white stripes. But I was planning to buy new ones, soon anyway. I still got my gym shoes, so I won’t have to hike the Grand Canyon in my flip-flops.

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