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Away from Germany for only two days and already missing it? Err… no, thankfully not. I never experienced homesickness (in fact I rarely ever get sick in general) and usually I’m way too excited when traveling to miss things from home. But over the months there may come a time where I will miss certain things. Probably something silly like Nutella… Oh, and I can already hear certain friends telling me “So, Germany isn’t so bad after all, is it?” Oh well, here is my list of things I think I may be missing at some point:

Yummy: German potato salad

Hmm, German Potato Salad

  • #1 My own bed
  • #2 A hot shower (meaning really hot)
  • #3 My privacy
  • #4 German bread
  • #5 My desktop computer with 22″ screen

No, German potato salad didn’t make it onto the list.

Let’s see how I will feel about this in a few months…

Update: Not surprisingly, the potato salad was rather awful….

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  • Comment by Karim — January 8, 2011 @ 4:29 pm

    I’ll miss you.

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