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Last night I got my wallet stolen in a club in Barcelona. Snatched it right out of my front pocket of my pants in a moment of distraction (Thankfully that guy ignored the other pocket with my expensive mobile phone). That’s a new experience. I have lost my wallet quite a few times and it always came back to me with nothing missing. But I never got it stolen in my 12+ years of traveling. Then again I was warned. A friend lost his iPhone 4 in another club here just a few days ago and I heard stories of that kind from others, too.

The incident made me think about how different cultures are. What does the fact that people steal from each other tell about the culture here? I had to think of Japan where people in a bar sometimes leave their wallet or mobile phone on the table when they go to the bathroom.  I got the impression the only thing you easily lose in Japan are umbrellas. But I guess they are considered common property. You lose one, you take another one…

Well, I learned a lesson. I may have been  over-confident given the fact that I virtually never got anything stolen during a trip. One of the many voices in my head said: Me, getting anything stolen? Never! That only happens to clueless tourists, not me. I am a super experienced traveler who knows all the tricks… etc. I guess I am not. And isn’t that what I once thought about getting ripped off until I got, well, ripped off again… ?

In the end it wasn’t a big deal: Lost 40 Euros in cash, my driving license, health insurance card and bus tickets. I canceled my credit card immediately. The biggest lost may be the bonus card of my favourite Café. Just three more stamps and I had gotten that free drink…

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